The New Lightning Media Partners: Why We Rebranded in 2021

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When Sean and I founded Lightning Media Partners in January of 2018, we didn’t know what the future would hold. We didn’t know who we were trying to serve or what people would want to hire us to do, so we billed ourselves very broadly as a “full-service digital marketing agency.”

In our first couple of years, we dipped our toes in every digital marketing pool under the sun. We worked with clients on blog posts, social media management, public relations campaigns, email marketing, paid ads, video marketing, SEO strategy, web design, whitepapers, brochures, thought leadership — if it was digital, we did it.

By 2020, we had realized there were things we were very good at and things we were decidedly not so skilled in. There were projects that ran smoothly and came easily to us, and there were others that sucked up every spare ounce of brain power and energy we had.

At the same time, we started investing in our team. In the midst of the pandemic, we took the ultimate leap and hired three of our freelancers as our first part-time employees. Each of them came to us with a unique professional background and skill set, but they were all eager to grow, learn, and most importantly, help us create incredible content for our clients.

We’ve spent the last 12 months figuring out who we were as a business — what we did best, who we could help, and how we could continue to grow our company. As we continued to expand our team, we discovered that our path forward required a return to our roots in the digital publishing world.

Meet your outsourced editorial team

Sean and I both came from the world of editorial, and we realized that what we were best at is building a world-class editorial team. We’ve worked with top-notch publishers like CO— by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce,, Business News Daily, and Bob Vila as extensions of their editorial department. It made perfect sense to focus Lightning Media Partners’ efforts on delivering high-quality, high-volume editorial content for businesses looking to scale their digital marketing efforts. 

In the last few months, we’ve worked with some amazing people to refine our overall brand and messaging to better reflect who we’ve become and who we want to be for our clients. Branding expert and designer Amanda Guerassio helped us uncover our core brand elements and gave us the building blocks for our new visual look and feel. Tess Demir, an exceptionally talented web designer, helped us bring that visual branding to life on the beautiful new website you’re looking at right now. 

Out with the old, in with the new! New website by Tess Demir.

While our new branding and website were underway, our incredible team worked hard to help us share the new Lightning Media Partners with the world via email campaigns, social media posts, blogs, landing pages, and other assets that have yet to be revealed. We wouldn’t be here without each and every one of them, and as we prepare to onboard a new group of employees and freelancers, we want our “OG” rebrand team to know how grateful we are for their role in putting our best foot forward.

So, have a look around and explore our offerings for digital publishers and small businesses. If you have any questions, just get in touch with us or book a discovery call to learn how we work with clients across numerous industries to scale their content marketing efforts. 

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