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We help businesses create, expand, and improve their content marketing strategy. Our combined backgrounds in journalism, media relations, digital publishing, blogging, SEO and marketing allow us to help you with your content goals.

Meet the Founders

In 2018, two journalists decided the traditional editorial model needed to change.

We witnessed digital publishers struggle to scale their content efforts with overworked staff writers and unreliable freelance pools. We launched Lightning Media Partners to take the burden of managing an editorial team away from businesses like yours so you can focus on growth.

Nicole Fallon-Peek

Co-CEO & Editorial Director

Throughout her career, Nicole Fallon-Peek has worked in every part of the editorial process, including content strategy, editorial research, interviewing, reporting, copywriting, editing, production, and content marketing. Founding Lightning Media Partners allowed her to combine her lifelong love of writing, her extensive experience in digital publishing, and her desire to run a business. Nicole is a former competitive dancer who loves good food, cute puppies, and decorating cakes.

Sean Peek

Co-CEO & Marketing Director

Sean Peek began his digital marketing career as a writer and has worked as an editor, SEO specialist, and content specialist before becoming an entrepreneur. Sean is a jack of all trades who connects the dots between different disciplines, methodologies, and fields of study.

Meet Our Staff

Danielle Fallon-O'Leary

Content Manager

Danielle is a Content Manager at Lightning Media Partners. In addition to managing the workflow for multiple ongoing client projects, she also creates client-facing and internal content. Danielle has a background in pediatric speech-language pathology and is passionate about healthcare and special education. Outside of work, you can usually find her taking the latest group fitness class, making a Wawa run, or asking strangers if she can pet their dogs.

Miranda Fraraccio

Staff Writer

Miranda Fraraccio is a staff writer at Lightning Media Partners. She got her start working in different sectors of the music industry, before transitioning to focus on other creative projects — including writing, audio production, and creating visual content. In her free time, you can find her traveling, practicing film photography, or adding to her never-ending collection of houseplants.

Lauren Kubiak

Lauren Kubiak


Lauren is an Editor for Lightning Media Partners. She graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s in journalism. She was previously a full-time editor at an association management firm, editing peer-reviewed nursing journals, textbooks, and newsletters. Outside of her career, Lauren is a dog mom to a Siberian Husky named Zero and lives a lifestyle devoted to Halloween.

Kaytlyn SMITH

Managing Editor

Kaytlyn is a Managing Editor at Lightning Media Partners. She graduated from Rowan University with a Bachelor’s degree in journalism and Master’s degree in Writing. Outside of writing and editing, she frequently says her missed calling is interior design and can always be found in the middle of a home project. Kaytlyn is a dog mom to a Boglen Terrier named Finn, and a Golden Retriever named Willow. During football season, you can find her at Lincoln Financial Field… GO BIRDS!

Meet Our Copywriters

Madison Ballinger

Madison Ballinger

Madison Ballinger is a writer, editor, and marketing collaborator with experience ranging from grant writing, screenwriting, SEO, content writing, and more. She graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in English, with multiple honors accreditations as a first-generation college student. You can find her in a local thrift shop or plant store, creating music, or going to one of her favorite band’s concerts when she is not behind the keyboard furiously typing away.

Rachel Barton

Rachel is a writer, editor, and social media manager who has worked with the Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage, Imperic Media, Washington Square Review, and Prevention Corps. She is a sucker for novels with sprawling families and nonfiction with genre-bending tendencies. Rachel’s worst trait is her overwhelming need to ask servers if the pork roll is tangy — even though it almost never is.

callie cook

Callie Cook

Callie is a freelance writer, reporter, and content creator. She graduated from West Virginia University with a Bachelor’s in multidisciplinary studies, focusing on sustainable design, landscape design, and agribusiness. A true Appalachian, Callie never turns down biscuits, gravy, or fried green tomatoes. She also loves running and hiking with her two dogs. 

Kristen Di Lonardo

Kristen Di Lonardo is a freelance writer who enjoys turning data into a narrative, telling stories about art, and digging into what makes a positive experience – in the arts, hospitality, and business. She holds an Arts Administration and Art History degree and is a manager in the visitor experience realm of an art museum. 

Leanne Haas

Leanne is a Houston-based freelance writer with a background in marketing and e-commerce branding. Her favorite projects usually involve a creative brainstorm and a cat in her lap. When she’s not writing, she’s scouting out the newest coffee shops in town.

jacob harrison


Jacob Harrison is a freelance writer and a commentary broadcaster. He graduated with an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science at Rowan College at Gloucester County and a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies at Rowan University. In his spare time, you can find Jacob discovering new music genres and learning how to beatbox.

kayla harrison lmp

Kayla Harrison

Kayla Harrison is a freelance writer and a Writing Arts instructor at Rowan University, where she earned her Master’s degree. To Kayla, writing has always been a way to connect to and understand the world around her, and she is grateful to incorporate writing into almost everything she does. In her spare time, you can find her listening to true crime podcasts, writing poetry, and visiting local coffee shops.

Stephanie Leader

Stephanie Leader is a freelance writer for Lightning Media Partners. She earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Shippensburg University where she majored in Communication/Journalism. She has experience writing and editing for magazines, event planning, and fundraising. She enjoys reading, and spending time with her corgi mix, Ein!

Julianna Lopez

Julianna Lopez is a freelance writer, editor, and social media marketer. She loves all things New York, books, movies, and theater.

Alexis Lockett

Alexis Lockett is a freelance writer for Lightning Media Partners. She is currently earning her BFA at Belmont University, with a major in Fashion Merchandising, and a minor in Public Relations. She loves coffee, live music, traveling, and spending quality time with those close to her.

Amy Mayo

Amy Mayo is a writer, visual artist, and political scientist, living in the NC Research Triangle. She graduated from the University of North Carolina Asheville with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and has worked in a variety of fields outside of copywriting including policy advocacy, the healthcare industry and pharmaceuticals, and education. She hopes one day to live up to the stringent expectations of her cat, Morty.

elizabeth moffat

Elizabeth Moffat

Elizabeth Moffat is a Utah-based freelance writer and digital marketing advisor with a background in social media and content writing. When she isn’t working she can be found enjoying time with her husband and baby, or attending ballet class. Some of her favorite things are dance, coffee, Jesus, and traveling the world.

Michelle Paul

Michelle Paul is a Utah-based freelance writer and photographer with a professional background in content management and registered nursing. When not working on a variety of projects ranging from photo editing to copywriting, they enjoy playing video games with friends, hanging out with their cat, and hanging out at charity events with fellow Star Wars cosplayers.

mica perez

Mica Perez

Mica Perez is a scheduler for a world-class live entertainment production company and a freelance writer. She graduated with an Associates Degree in Human Services. Mica enjoys traveling internationally, reading, writing, music, football (EAGLES!), and spending time with her husband and children. 

Brianna Williams

Brianna is a journalist, writer, and editor who is especially passionate about newsletters, local journalism, and civic topics. You can find a few of Brianna’s bylines in NOOGAtoday, Livability Media, and if you happen to come across an incredibly niche research paper about cosmic horror fiction and existentialism — that’s her, too. Coming from a mountain town in Tennessee and currently living near Chicago’s beautiful lakefront, Brianna spends most of her free time enjoying the outdoors. 

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