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Our Digital Marketing Services

Content Marketing

Publish consistent, high-quality blog posts to provide value to your audience, drive organic traffic and increase your conversion rate.

Social Media Marketing

Overhaul your social media presence by engaging with your audience and enhancing your content marketing strategy.

Search Engine Optimization

Optimize your website for SEO to obtain higher search engine page ranks, decrease page load speed and avoid search penalties.

Web Design Services

Create or redesign your website to attract your audience, improve engagement and maximize conversions.

Paid Marketing & Advertising

Reach your audience with a targeted message to increase brand awareness, website traffic and drive conversions.

Public Relations Services

Launch an effective PR campaign to drive brand awareness and create an engaged, excited following.

Just imagine what you could achieve with a little more marketing power. 

Who Is Lightning Media Partners?


What happens when a couple of media industry professionals decide to quit their jobs and help small businesses and independent agencies grow?

Lightning Strikes.

We are Lightning Media Partners, and we want to help your brand reach its full potential with a powerful digital marketing strategy. 

We think like entrepreneurs, small business owners, journalists, PR reps, creative writers, social media specialists, SEO experts, and marketers — because that’s exactly what we are.

With our support, you can graduate from do-it-yourself marketing to do-it-together marketing. We’ll collaborate with you on a strategic marketing plan that elevates the brand you’ve worked so hard to build. 

We’re more than an outsourced vendor. We’re your partner.