How Our Freelancers Have Impacted Our Business

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This week is “Freelancers Appreciation Week,” and we want to express our gratitude to our talented team of freelancers. Lightning Media Partners would not be the company it is today without our hardworking copywriters, who consistently produce high-quality content.

Freelancers have been an important part of our process since we were founded. In honor of Freelance Appreciation Week, we’d like to share how our freelancers have impacted Lightning Media Partners for the better.

In this article, we’ll discuss:

    • Why we hire freelancers.
    • How freelancers changed LMP.

Why do we hire freelancers? 

Diverse backgrounds 

As a content creation marketing agency, we serve small businesses and digital publishers in various fields. Our freelance writers have experience in a multitude of industries, making them adaptable to any client. From expertise in health care to entertainment to publishing, their extensive backgrounds empower us to be jacks-of-all-trades.

Easy to scale 

We’re always looking to take on new clients and projects to help our company grow. Hiring freelancers has given us the flexibility and bandwidth to build our company based on needs as we tackle more assignments. Our full-time team can prioritize growth and internal marketing while relying on our talented freelancers to assist us with client tasks. 


Hiring freelancers across the country allows our internal team the flexibility to work in different time zones, giving us an opportunity to work on more projects with clients across the country. Instead of catering to clients exclusively in the time zone where we’re based — or working the entire day to accommodate both east and west-coast clients — we can collaborate with clients nationwide without spreading our internal team too thin. 

How have freelancers changed LMP?

Since we’ve grown our freelance team we’ve also been able to grow our company as a whole. Here are some ways our freelancers have changed LMP for the better.

Their excellent work 

We’ve been working with many of the same freelancers for years because of the high quality of their output and quick turnaround. Nurturing these relationships with talented individuals helps us delegate tasks while knowing we can rely on our freelance writers to get the job done dependably. 

New perspectives

Having freelancers on the team allows us to seek new perspectives and avoid the “hive mind” that can come when only hearing from the same employees. Because our internal team works on the same types of projects with the same clients every day, we can get fixated on a routine. When we consult with our freelancers, we gain new perspectives of where we can improve and grow. These fresh, individual perceptions help us cater to a wider audience and increase our client pool.

They’ve grown with us 

Most of our internal employees started as freelancers and now are integral parts of our leadership team. As we’ve grown, we’ve promoted our freelancers to full-time employees who now oversee essential components of our business including SEO, internal marketing, and management. It is rewarding for our team to consist of people who have grown with us, and because of their history working with us, we know that they know the intricacies of our process and can be trusted.

At LMP, we value our freelancers’ career goals and provide opportunities for them to grow in their roles within our company how they see fit. In turn, this helps us grow our business by nurturing and empowering existing talent we know we can trust.

Impressed by all our freelance team can do? At LMP, we pride ourselves on our freelance talent and capabilities, ensuring only the highest-quality work for our clients. Contact us today to learn how we can work together and assist with your content creation goals.

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