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Lightning Media Partners is a content marketing agency specializing in SEO-optimized article writing, blog writing services, and more. Our affordable content marketing packages remain competitive in the industry and provide exceptional value.

We seek to streamline and scale the content creation process for digital publishers like you by becoming your outsourced editorial team. We work with large digital publishers like, Patch, and more who produce mass amounts of content on daily, weekly, and monthly bases. 

High Quality Articles

Our U.S.-based team delivers content that is ready to publish.

Bulk Content Discounts

Get more for less! We offer discounts for bulk content requests.

Search-Optimized Content

Our team of SEOs ensures the copy we create for you ranks well on search engines.

Content Optimization

Our team will help update, optimize, and organize older content on your website or blog.

Transcribed Articles

We’ll transcribe and optimize your webinar or podcast for the web.

Sponsored/Native content

Our writers create seamless native content that will please your readers and attract sponsors.

Copy Editing

Expand your existing editorial department with our experienced team of copyeditors.

CMS production

We are experts in every major CMS platform, including WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, and more.

Reported Articles

Our team of trained journalists can research and interview expert sources on any topic for original reported articles.

Meet the Publishers Who Trust
Lightning Media Partners

LMP’s Digital Publisher Solutions

Lightning Media Partners’ journalistic expertise and editorial process is built on the foundation of U.S.-based writers with years of professional experience in journalism, media, publishing, SEO, digital marketing, writing, and more.

Our team fits seamlessly with yours. Whether you’re interested in hiring an editorial team from scratch or supplementing your existing team, Lightning Media Partners will help you scale your publishing schedule.

Start-To-Finish Content Management

Our team conducts thorough keyword research on every article we write to better connect with your target audience and establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

Sit back while we take care of the rest. Your dedicated content manager works with our writers, editors, producers, strategists, and researchers to publish high-quality, search-optimized content on your website.

Content Creation

Your content manager will pick a writer that best fits your content’s unique needs. We’ll also create a style guide to fit your brand voice, ensuring the copy we write fits seamlessly into what’s already on your site.

Our writers create your content with your industry and goals in mind, tying each piece back to a call to action. During outlining, we perform industry research to identify what your competition publishes and how we can differentiate your content and showcase your unique selling points.

Editing And Producing

All content we create undergoes three rounds of revisions. Your writer will do a first pass of your piece before handing it off to the editors. Next, our editors ensure the piece follows your style guide to the letter (pun intended!) before passing it to the project manager. At this stage, your content is reviewed one last time to ensure it is ready to publish upon delivery.

The content production process is up to you. We can either handle the production on our end and push the content live or hand it to your team to produce on your CMS. We do both for our range of clients.

Why work with an outsourced editorial team?

We’re glad you asked! Here are a few reasons why our editorial team may be right for your brand.

The average salary for a staff writer who creates between 50 and 150 articles a year is approximately $43,000, not including benefits. Additionally, each article they create involves an editor, SEO specialist, producer, and/or project manager. On average, your company will spend over $250,000 each year on salaries for these positions alone. 

With Lightning Media Partners, for the same cost of a single staff writer, our team will research, write, edit, and produce over 240* search-optimized, research-driven, and reader-friendly articles a year. You could save nearly 80% of your yearly editorial budget without sacrificing quality or quantity.

*This number may vary depending on your specific needs and total word-count length for each article.

Your internal team only has so much time in a day. It’s difficult to have your team consistently work on topic brainstorming, research, writing, editing, and producing while also focusing on their other responsibilities. In fact, nearly 60% of businesses struggle to produce content consistently.

With an outsourced editorial team, the quantity and quality of your content remains high without the added stress on your team to produce. You can remain focused on content strategy and optimization and leave production to us.

Often, when working with a vendor, there are several points of contact — the sales person, the account manager, the writer, the editor, the IT person — but at Lightning Media Partners, your dedicated content manager streamlines the communication. You can expect them to understand your content needs, communicate updates and changes, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

If you work with a freelance pool, you know how difficult it is to manage writing assignments, answer endless questions, communicate changes, ask for revisions, track down invoices, and so on.

With Lightning Media Partners, you only have to interact with your project manager and they work with the rest of our team. With one email, video chat, or phone call, you can communicate everything you need just once, and the rest is taken care of for you.

Hear from our existing digital publisher clients

Here’s why some of our existing large digital publishing clients chose
Lightning Media Partners as their content creation agency.

Jeanette Mulvey, Editor-in-Chief

CO— by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

“I keep finding myself going back to LMP because I knew that if I hired them, the work would be done on time and without needing any additional work from me. Their team and process are first rate and very affordable.”

Scope of work: Outlining, editing, creating, and updating resources that help businesses launch, grow and thrive in the modern world; webinar and video transcription and summarizing into articles.

Adam Uzialko, Editor

“Lightning Media Partners has been a critical pillar of support to our freelance efforts at Nicole and Sean personally oversee the production of more than 100 articles for our two websites each year, ranging from SEO updates to original articles to sponsored content. This team can do it all and they always deliver ahead of deadline and beyond expectations.”

Scope of work: Outlining, editing, creating, and updating resources like expert articles, advice from community leaders, and product and service reviews.

Sophie Kaemmerle, Executive Editor of Special Projects

“I’ve entrusted them to own multiple parts of our internal process including SEO research, writing, editing, proofreading. This speeds up production tenfold, so my team is always ahead of schedule. The results speak for themselves, too: the content we receive is top of its class!”

Scope of work: Outlining, editing, creating, and updating home improvement online resources including inspiring ideas and expert advice on home care, renovation, repair, and more.

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