How We Approach Our Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Whether you own a local shop or nation-wide company, having a social media marketing strategy is critical for running a successful business today. 

With nearly 3 billion people around the world using social media, companies are building their brands through the various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. With the rise in social media usage, business leaders often hire in-house or third-party experts to manage their accounts and build their brands. 

At Lightning Media Partners, we create a personalized social media marketing strategy for each client that helps them increase their brand visibility and build relationships with their customers. Here’s how we approach social media content marketing for ourselves and our clients.

1. Creating unique content

Every brand deserves to have their unique voice shine on social media. Our team works closely with you to produce excellent, visually appealing content that attracts the right followers to your social media pages. We conduct extensive research to determine which demographics, content types, and hashtags are best for spreading your message. Then, we create original graphic, text, and video content in your brand aesthetic to help you stand out.

2. Fostering human connections

Now more than ever, people are craving interpersonal connection and are putting themselves out there on social media platforms. People want to share their honest opinions. Social media facilitates better connections between brand and consumer by creating communities with other like-minded people. That’s why we strive for a more holistic and human approach when cultivating social media content. We help brands build strong relationships with their audiences by creating content that resonates with them on a personal level.

of digital marketers claim visuals are the most important component of successful marketing.

3. Sparking engaging conversations

Initiating thought-provoking and meaningful conversations creates loyal audiences on social media. People want to know that there are humans behind a brand’s social media account, so initiating two-way conversations is critical for thriving on social media. We don’t just create and schedule content; we dedicate time to comment responses, direct messages, and proactive engagement on followers’ posts.

Further Reading

Ongoing and authentic communication between a brand and its audience is the hallmark of effective social media marketing. Learn how to actively engage with your online community in this article from Buffer.

4. Producing natural growth

Some brands attempt to cut corners by paying for fake followers to boost their numbers. You may be able to purchase thousands of followers for a small amount of money, but you can’t buy brand loyalty. That’s why organic growth through well-researched, targeted hashtags and continual audience engagement is the cornerstone of our social media marketing strategy. Our top priority is creating transparency between brands and their customers, and being honest about follower counts is a good starting point.

Need help managing your social media accounts? We’ll help you discover and create social media content that will best engage your target audience, and start building real, authentic connections that will spark growth for your business. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

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