Public Relations Services

Public Relations Services

Spread the word about your brand with a well-planned media outreach and thought leadership strategy.

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Genuine Connections

We focus on building strong, genuine relationships with both your audience and the media outlets that serve them.


Targeted Pitches

Every media pitch we send is well-researched and customized to the specific publication we’re targeting. 


Thought Leadership

You’re an expert in your industry and market. We’ll help you develop your voice with a thought leadership platform that gets your name and brand noticed.


Engaging Content

Cookie-cutter press releases and white papers aren’t our thing. We create content that gets attention from the press and your audience.

Our Public Relations Packages & Pricing

60-Day Campaign


   1 400-word press release
    3 potential story angles with formal pitches 
    20 qualified media outlets for outreach
    Press-ready quotes for coverage opportunities
    2 ghostwritten thought leadership articles

75-Day Campaign


   1 400-word press release
    4 potential story angles with formal pitches 
    35 qualified media outlets for outreach
    Press-ready quotes for coverage opportunities
 ghostwritten thought leadership articles

90-Day Campaign


   1 400-word press release
    5 potential story angles with formal pitches 
    50 qualified media outlets for outreach
    Press-ready quotes for coverage opportunities
 ghostwritten thought leadership articles

Need a more customized public relations package? Contact us to see what we can do for you.

Our Public Relations Process


Introduce You to Your Account Manager

When you sign up for one of our PR packages, we’ll assign you a dedicated account manager and introduce you via a pre-campaign onboarding call. This person is your primary point of contact and will work with you throughout the duration of your contract. They are available to answer any of your questions and to collaborate on the overall strategy.


Conduct Market Research

After meeting with your team, your account manager will research your industry and analyze your existing brand presence. They will investigate different strategies and find the best solutions to achieve your media goals.


Develop a Strategy and Press Materials

Based on our research, your account manager will consult with you on a proposed strategy, media list, and press materials. With your approval, we will launch the campaign.


Optimize, Measure and Communicate Results

Your account manager will continually refine your strategy and adapt to new trends and business goals. You will receive a weekly report tracking our results and your campaign progress, plus an end-of-campaign summary.

Frequently Asked Questions


For all PR campaigns, we track all press responses and contacts made (even if it does not result in coverage), as well as any media placements you receive as a result of our efforts.

If you prefer additional metrics, we will include it in our reports.

Every PR campaign is unique, as is the media landscape in every industry. There are a number of factors that may impact the success of a campaign, including the timing, breaking news stories, and the level of saturation of your chosen topic. Many of these things are beyond our control, so we cannot guarantee that you will receive X number of responses or placements. However, all of the content assets and connections we make throughout your campaign are yours to keep and leverage in the future as you see fit.


All campaign packages include three 30-minute strategy calls (one at the beginning, middle and end of the campaign), end-of-week summaries, and a full end-of-campaign report.

However, if you have questions or would like to meet, we will schedule an impromptu meeting at your earliest convenience.

If you’d like to work with us, visit our contact page. We will contact you within 48 hours with a proposed timeline.

Contract & Pricing

For our PR campaign contacts range from 60 to 90 days. However, we are happy to discuss a custom campaign package that is tailored to your needs and budget.

No. The price of the tools we use to manage your account is built into our model.  

À La Carte PR Services

If you don’t need a fully managed campaign, or simply want press materials to do your own PR outreach, take a look at our standalone PR services:

Press Releases 


$100 / release

Introduces your brand to the world or publicizes a milestone/announcement. Up to 400 words. Does not include distribution or monitoring.


Blog Posts


$150 / post

Researched blog posts on topics of your choice. Up to 600 words. Includes image & meta data. Does not include production or publishing. See our Content Marketing Packages for more extensive blog management services.

Ghostwritten Content

$350 / article

A targeted article designed to highlight your expertise and establish you as a thought leader in your industry. Up to 1,200 words plus meta data. Includes one 30-minute interview and one round of revisions.

Promotional Emails

$50 / email

A promotional email to send to your subscribers about the topic of your choice. Up to 300 words. Includes a fully designed and formatted template in your email marketing platform. Does not include distribution or monitoring.

Social Media Posts


$75 / 15 posts

Visual and text-based social posts promoting your brand, optimized for the social platforms of your choice. Does not include production or scheduling. See our Social Media Packages for more extensive social media management services.



$500 / whitepaper

Researched whitepapers on the topics of your choice. Up to 2,500 words. Includes formal outline for your approval and up to two rounds of revisions.

Additional Digital Marketing Services

Thank you for considering our public relations services! If you have other digital marketing needs, take a look at the other services we offer.